Who SHOULD rent from KTC?

Renting kayaks from KTC on Minnehaha Creek is perfect for couples, families and friends of (almost) all ages.  Looking for something to fill a gorgeous day off or a lazy weekend day?  Feeling adventurous? Want to see the city from a totally different vantage point? If you live in the Twin Cities, but have never been on the creek you will be amazed that this creek is right here.  You'll feel like you are on vacation without the travel. If you are visiting from out of town, you will love to see the city as you never have before.  If you love to kayak, but have only lake kayaked - this is so much better.  If you have never kayaked and want to see if its the sport for you, you should rent from KTC. 

Who CAN rent from KTC?

- Anyone over the age of 18 can rent the kayaks.

- No one under the age of 12 can kayak with KTC for liability reasons AND a parent or guardian MUST be with anyone 12-18 at all times.  It is recommended that there are at least one adult in the group for every two that are between the ages of 12 - 16.  (If water levels are high, the minimum age will be raised to 14).

- This creek has many areas of small rapids and fast moving water - know your child's temperament and that of the others in your group.  You WILL get wet and it's possible that you could get dumped out of your kayak. 

- The weight limit on the kayaks is 250 lbs., and you must be able to get from a floor seated position relatively easily.  

- If you have wrist, shoulder or back problems, this is not for you (sorry). 

- No paddling experience necessary.  You will get shoreside instruction.

What will I get when I rent from KTC?

When you rent from KTC, you will choose which section of the creek you'd like to paddle* first.  Then Tamara will meet you at the designated input location on the day of your rental with the kayaks, paddles and lifejackets for your creek run. She will give you great paddling advice, tell you what you will see and help launch you.  At the end of your paddle, she will meet up with you and help pull you out of the water.  Easy.

Guide service is available upon request for an additional $75.

* The creek can easily be divided into 3-4 different 2-3 hour sections, depending on water flow.  If the flow is just perfect, you'll have your choice .  If the level is little low or two high, some sections may be too difficult.  Tamara will discuss this with you and help you choose the perfect section when you book your run.

When can I rent from KTC?

Season: KTC is open to business from May 1st through mid October as the weather and stream conditions allow. Because both of these things are so variable, you will need an extra bit of flexibility for this adventure.  

Weather: Safe conditions for water activities must exist.

Stream conditions: If there has been heavy rain in the previous couple of days, it's possible that the creek will be too high and fast to safely kayak.  Downed trees can also be barriers to safe passage at times.  Rarely is the creek too low to kayak - if you are willing to get out and walk in the water a bit as needed. The creek's flow is determined by snow melt, rain and by the amount of water discharged from Gray's Bay Dam on Lake Minnetonka.  


Times: KTC is ready to rent Thursdays - Sundays. Closed on Mondays through Wednesdays. First time slot is 8:30 am.  Second time slot is 1:30 pm**.  Late afternoon time slots MAY be available late June through early August.  (Sunset determines the last start time.) Your paddle time is 2-3 hours***. 


* KTC is most always available during the week, but it is not guaranteed.  If your preferred time slot is other than these listed, please contact  KTC to see if that might work. 

** For your planning purposes, include an additional hour to your 2-3 hour kayak time.  30 minutes before getting on the water for instruction and loading and 30 minutes after for landing and gear collection.  

*** If you'd like a custom trip that is more or less than the regular trip, just ask.  KTC is happy to work with you!