Ready to go? Great! Now what?

         First things first.  


$60 per kayak, includes tax.  Up to 6 kayaks, unguided. Up to 5 kayaks with a guide. (Larger groups accommodated on special request.)

Guide service available for additional $60.  

Pricing includes:

Drop off and pick up of the rental kayaks Kayaks, paddles and life vests.

2 wet bags and 2 phone bags

2.5-3 hours of kayaking

Contact Kayak the Creek with the day and time you want to go.  Tamara will get back to you promptly to schedule your creek run. It's a good idea to have two choices of dates and times.*

Reserve your rental Once a date is selected, you will need to secure your reservation with a credit card payment.** (Information will be provided to you via email on how to do this.)  If your creek run needs to be cancelled or rescheduled due to low creek flow or weather, you will be allowed to reschedule or be refunded. Kayak rental is $60/kayak (including taxes).  Your rental will include a 2.5-3 hour creek run with all the needed accessories AND some excellent advice.  Minimum of two kayaks is required.

Which section? Once you have scheduled rental, you will need to decide which section of the creek you would like to kayak.  Rentals are for 2.5-3 hour time slots.  In that time, you will do one of the sections of the 22 mile long creek.  Generally, the higher the flow rate, the more distance you will travel in your time slot.  If you aren't sure which is best for your party, KTC can help you select one to try. You will also need to read the safety and rules sheet and fill out one waiver for each person renting a kayak (with special instructions for minors).  You will receive an email confirming all of the details of your trip.

Kayak day.  On the day of your creek run, you will meet Tamara at the previously agreed upon location, with your signed waivers.  You are required to be wearing some type of footwear that you will keep on, that will not fall off and that can get wet (NO flip flops or Crocs). Hiking-type sandals like Keens, Chacos, Tevas or anything similar that can be secured to your feet is fine. It is highly recommended that you wear sunblock and sunglasses along with clothing that you don't care if it gets wet. You shouldn't fall in, but it's common to end up with a wet butt.  Consider a swimsuit or activeware shorts and a t-shirt. Additionally, bring a towel to sit on in the car afterward, a filled water bottle that can be secured with a provided carabiner and an optional easy-to-eat snack.  Each kayak has a semi-secure place to put items that you don't want to lose built in and KTC will provide you with one small dry bag for your wallet, keys and snacks PLUS one dry bag for your phone so you can optionally take pictures, use a GPS map and contact KTC if needed. After a brief on-shore tutorial, you will launch and have a great time.  Tamara will meet you at the end of your run to pick up the kayaks.***  


 * Availability is based on openings, weather AND creek flow.   The MCWD recommends paddling when the creek flow is 75-150 cfs.  There are SOME areas that KTC will NOT rent kayaks on when the flow is above 150 as the water is moving too fast, is too high for underpasses, tunnels  and tree branches can be dangerous.  However, KTC WILL operate when the creek is running slower than 75 cfs.  You can still have a great time on the creek even at 20-25 cfs, you just have to be willing to walk your kayak through a low spot here or there.  Much of the summer the creek is below 75 cfs.   You can check the creek flow at anytime, here.  Look for the "Gray's Bay Dam discharge rate". 

** If you book the kayaks and then cancel, KTC may lose business if that time slot cannot be rebooked or had to be turned away.  Therefore, only 50% of your payment will be refunded.

**At this time, transportation is not available back to your vehicle.  KTC recommends that you:  Arrange to drop off a second vehicle at the exit point, have a friend pick you up or grab an Uber or Lyft to bring you back.  Though the kayak trip is several hours, the actual road distance is not great and a hired car cost is minimal.