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Lake Minnetonka Magazine - July 2020

Sun Sailor/Sun Current newspapers - July 2020

Edina Magazine - August 2020

What the clients have to say:

"I was looking for an experience to gift to my husband for his birthday who grew up playing in the creek - it was also June 2020 (Covid time). This was more than we expected - so beautiful! And perfect for this social distance time. For someone who grew up playing in the creek to see it this way was wonderful. We kayaked the Minneapolis section and found it amazing that for large sections we didn't hear or see the city. Found kayak on the creek on the web with it's very good reviews. Tamara is great! She sets you up with all that you need for equipment along with great information for safety. We are already excited to kayak another section of the creek next year!! Thanks so much Tamara!" ~ Amy James


"Tamara was really client centered, helpful, and safe/prepared. She made the experience easy and fun. They kayaks were really nice and new and she is very organized. No fuss kayaking down the creek! Thank you!" ~Michelle Lebow

"I highly recommend kayaking the creek with Tamara. We had a great experience throughout. She is an excellent communicator, very personable and provided lots of good information at the right time. The kayak trip itself was beautiful and just what we needed to take a few hour break from busy lives in the nature, we saw lots of wildlife." ~ ieva Saulite

"We had a lovely time on the Mpls section of the creek. Water was low but no issues. Tamara was very helpful and provided good communication leading up to our trip. Equipment worked well. We were in the morning which was nice due to high temps and less traffic on the creek, we only saw a few folks. Highly recommend!"  ~Adair Galster

"We really enjoyed our time today with Kayak the Creek! Tamara was great at communicating with us and making sure we were prepared for the day. It was super convenient and easy to get set up and going for the morning. The route was awesome, very relaxing and perfect length trip!! Would definitely recommend!" ~Anna Snell

"I had a beautiful time on the creek! Tamara made it super easy. You'll have a great time!" ~Scott Josephson

"This was such a great experience! Tamara was so helpful in managing the logistics and keeping us posted on water levels for the creek. She helped us get set up at the beginning of the paddle and met us at the end. Seamless and easy. Would highly recommend, and can’t wait to go again!" ~ Allison Krug

"Kayaking the Creek with Tamara made for a super relaxing and enjoyable late summer afternoon for our entire group. As someone with very little kayaking experience, Tamara helped me to feel comfortable and confident right off the bat, and her warm and welcoming personality set the tone for a fun-filled experience. With kayak transport and all the details taken care of, the ease of simply showing up and being guided allowed us to really sit back and enjoy the ride. This experience unlocked an area of my city that I had no idea even existed and I would highly recommend it to Twin Cities residents and travelers alike!" 

~ Stefanie Motta - Minneapolis

"Our experience "Kayaking the Creek" was amazing! Who knew one could find so much nature tucked inside such a big city?  It was our first time Kayaking but Tamara's patient instruction put us at ease.  We truly enjoyed our adventure down the creek and we recommend Kayak the Creek to all of our friends."

~ Brett and Stacie Herlyn - Parker, South Dakota

"Tamara took 3 of us down the Minnehaha Creek on a beautiful day! We kayaked the St. Louis Park section and she made sure we were suited up correctly and gave us tips on kayak technique.  Her boats are great and we had an easy time navigating with them. She knows the creek well and always told us what to expect on the water, whether it would be a bit more rough or smooth sailing, or down trees etc. It was such a wonderful trip down the creek. There is natural beauty as well as some nice real estate!  I highly recommend this trip. Thanks Tamara!" ~ Virginia Jensen - St. Louis Park

"Kayaking Minnehaha Creek was a great Minnesota thing to do with our young adult son and his girlfriend who were in town for the 4th. Kayak the Creek made it easy. Tamara set us up with 4 kayaks and gave us detailed instructions so we could go on our own. She is a total pro, and this is a fun way to spend a few hours!" ~Julie Baker - Edina

"In a world where we can get busy and disconnected, kayaking down the creek was a great way to connect with family and nature. It was leisurely, calm, and beautiful experience." ~ Becky Galstad - New Hope

"I have lived in Minneapolis my whole life yet never kayaked Minnehaha Creek or the city lakes.  Tamara encouraged me, had the proper equipment and led they way.  Wow, what a great experience! So beautiful and relaxing.  Now I look forward to joining her every summer."   ~ Sara Kietzmann - St. Louis Park. 

"We were looking for an adventure with our 3 young adult children, and decided to kayak. We thoroughly enjoyed discovering Minnehaha Creek on kayaks- what a beautiful treasure in our collective backyards. Setting up our outing was very easy, as Tamara responded to my emails quickly. Tamara met us at the dropoff point and gave us very helpful and thorough information about various spots in the creek and how to navigate. At the end, Tamara was waiting for us. I highly recommend Kayak the Creek for a fun family outing." ~Hilary Laing - Minnesota

"Went out with my daughter, so much fun! Tamara knew all the tricks and turns plus had some interesting history tidbits to share. Loved our kayak!"  

~ Kim Curran-Moore - St. Louis Park

"I had a blast kayaking!.. highly recommend. She’s very flexible, accommodating, and very fun to talk to if she joins you for the kayak trip. Thank you again! I will for sure be booking another trip!" ~Danielle Gilbert-Johnson - St. Louis Park


"Super Fun Day,Tamara is an awesome guide, definitely will be back!!!!!!" ~ Jay Weir - Mankato


"I'm from Brazil (São Paulo) and this was my very first time at MN summer! Cannot imagine a better way to enjoy the beauty and fun of this season! Tamara is a super guide, high energy, very kind and local expert! Definitely will be back!" ~ Carolina Dragone - Sao Paulo, Brazil

"I've wanted to kayak Minnehaha Creek for years, but after recovering from breast cancer this spring, I made it a priority on my bucket list.   Tamara and Kayakthecreek set me up with kayak gear and guided the route.  Scooting through the (little) rapids and under bridges was thrilling fun.  We saw turtles, beaver-gnawed logs, even two twin fawns!  Tamara is super friendly and happy to help anyone, regardless of experience, enjoy the trip.  We kayaked one section and I'm excited to try more sections of Minnehaha Creek."  ~Rachel H. - Plymouth


"Extremely fun! Tamara is so accommodating and can personalize the trip to whatever distance or time sounds the best. I’ve done a couple trips and enjoyed both of them. The convenience of having a company meet you with kayaks and also pick them up at your finish makes kayaking more enjoyable and less of a hassle. I will for sure be coming back for more kayak trips. Thank you!!" ~Danielle Gilber - Minneapolis

"Kayak the Creek makes kayaking Minnehaha Creek so easy! Tamara will meet you at the start with kayaks and all the gear you need, and she will meet you at your end point to pick everything up. And Minnehaha Creek is beautiful and very fun to kayak. There are calm areas, rapids, and the creek moves at a very nice pace making paddling easy. Highly recommended!!!" ~Shane Nackerud - St. Louis Park

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