Covid-19 Safety Protocols (Please Read)

Kayak the Creek's responsibility:

- KTC will sanitize all items that get touched by renters (paddles, handles, kayaks, storage bags and lifejackets) between           each rental.

- KTC staff will stay 6 feet away from clients and will wear a mask when appropriate. 

- KTC staff will no longer be able to stabilize the kayak for clients as they enter or exit the water - so client must be physically   able to do this independently.

- All creekside instruction will be given to clients while 6 feet or more apart. 

- Hand sanitizer will be used liberally.

- Clients from different rental parties will be asked to stay apart and will have staggered start times.

Renter's responsibility: 

- Do not rent from KTC if you are ill or have been exposed to someone who is ill.  If this happens between the time you             reserve your kayaks and your rental date, you will be allowed to reschedule with no penalty. 

- Stay 6 feet or more back from KTC staff and other renters when entering or exiting the creek.

- Keep your rental group distant from other rental groups.